Best Wedding Photography of 2015


Alline Beatrici is a UK Wedding photographer based in Putney, London. Passionate about capturing moments as they happen naturally, unobtrusively, through friendly wedding photography, Alline is available to shoot weddings anywhere in the UK, and overseas.


Today is the last day of the year 2015, and it’s been a mad, scary, insanely exciting year.
This time of year most of us stop to reflect on ‘new years resolutions’, but I’d like to take to this blogpost today to tell you the things I’m grateful for having accomplished this year.

I’m most grateful for having found something I’m truly passionate about, that I can see myself doing as a career for the rest of my little life. 

I’m happy every night I go to bed when there’s a wedding to shoot the next day.
I’m happy waking up at 6am on a sunday to spend an entire day editing couple’s photos.
I’m happy I got to meet so many people who share this same passion and inspire me.
And I’m happy that after many years of being afraid of not having a “plan”, I have now found the career I want to follow and my purpose as a photographer. 

In 2015 I was lucky to shoot weddings in amazing locations for even more amazing couples! I witnessed many happy tears, emotional speeches, embarrassing dance moves (most of them mine!), and many lovers becoming husband and wife.
One of the highlights of the year was being commissioned to photograph a wonderful English wedding in Matera, Italy.

For those who have helped me accomplish this incredible year, my couples, my bearded man, my friends and my family –
thank you! and happy new year!