Laughter is my favorite thing.

My name is Alline Beatrici – Alline is a bit of weird name, it sounds like “panini”, which some friends actually call me by! I was born in Brazil and I'm totally British at heart. I live by the seaside in Brighton, UK and spend my weekends shooting weddings in London + all over the world. My biggest passion is to to capture people's real personalities through photography. Spontaneity, fun is at the heart of everything I do, and I take these with me I'm shooting weddings.


I'm an enthusiastic girl with a YOLO / FOMO approach about life - my boyfriend says I'm a constant 10 second-ticking-time-bomb, with only 3 seconds left.

I'm all mixed up, emotionally Italian, British at heart and Brazilian by soul.

I eat popcorn like a monster. (it is pretty scary!)

I'm addicted to creating playlists on spotify + I literally have categorised lists of songs for every-occasion-mood in life.


I get really(over)excited about the Oscars every year. I call it the "Alline's Superbowl" and host movie marathons.

I’m a bit obsessed with Frida Kahlo, and even dressed up as her at carnival in Brazil this year!

I like anything that has pockets and made of velvet, and my favorite colour is yellow. I cant own something that it's all 3 of those things 'cause that would be ridiculous.

I once camped at the Great Wall of China. It was the most exciting-freezing-cold experience in my life.

I still play the nokia Snake game. A lot. It is actually the only game I have on my phone. don't judge.

I love and am inspired by all things Wes Anderson, Quentin Tarantino and Judd Apatow.

I'm incapable of surviving british winters so I go backpacking every year after wedding season. Last time I was in Cuba, Colombia and Chile!


I do this thing because it's fun. It reminds me of why marriage is the coolest adventure of all and how important it is to capture the feeling of being in love and being happy for the people you love. There’s no better occasion to see this happening than at weddings. People are hugging everywhere because they haven’t seen each other in months.

Dad jokes during speeches. Kids running around because they had waaay too much sugar. People can’t barely hear each other in the crowd because theres too much joy, too much love, too much laughter. And laughter is my favorite thing. Documenting real feelings and genuine emotions is the heart and soul of my work.

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"I think there is nothing more truly artistic than love to people."

- van gogh -

How do we pronounce your weird name?

My name is Alline Beatrici - Alline is pronounced like “panini” which some of my friends actually call me by… I also get people calling me Alien a lot, which is cool!

Where do you live? Can you travel to our wedding?

I am based in Brighton, and I shoot weddings all over the world!
Most weddings I photograph are based around London but I shoot weddings all over the country and overseas! I’ll be shooting in Italy, France and America this year, so get in touch if you’re looking for a destination wedding photographer!

How do we get our photos?

All edited High-Res photos will be sent to you in a USB + you will also get a snazzy private online gallery with all images to view and download from! Your photos will be categorised by parts of the wedding (i.e. ceremony, reception, group shots, dance etc) so your guests can find photos easily + you can share your gallery link with anyone you wish.

We don’t like having our picture taken... What can you do?

I get this from 99% of my couples you’ve seen on this website! It’s cool, I got you!
Whether you’re introverts or extroverts, my goal is for you to look at your photos and recognise your genuine selves and your personalities. So, I will never ask you to do anything that isn’t you. Instead of posing you, I will get you guys to interact with each other, and I will guide you whilst putting you in the most flattering light as I shoot.

Should we add a 2nd shooter?

If you’re having over 120 guests, I strongly advise it.
Adding a 2nd shooter gives us a better chance to be able to capture all of your guests.
I don’t have “assistants” so I only work with a team of photographers who are as equally qualified as me + have a similar photography approach as mine so I can provide consistency to your images. It almost works out if you’re getting two photographers for a bargain of the price!


When will we receive our photos?

It normally takes me 4-6 weeks after the wedding to edit and deliver your full gallery.

Can we share our photos on social media?

Yes queen! I follow my couples on social media and I always get emotional seeing them sharing images that I took over the years! I’d love if you could tag me in so that your friends could find my work and who knows! maybe we get to hang out with each other again at their wedding in the future!

What if you are ill on the day?

I have never missed a wedding to this date. It would have to be the most serious illness or awful circurmtances to happen for me to miss your wedding but rest assured I do have back-up plan in place. I’m part of a network of trustworthy photographers spread all over the UK that I could contact to replace me in case of an emergency, or I would, of course, be able to offer you a full refund.

Do we need to feed you on the day?

You totally don’t have to, but I would super appreciate if you do. It’s a long day shooting weddings as I usually start super early in the morning and a hot meal always gives me more energy to shoot the rest of the day.

How can save our date with you?

Get in touch so I can send you my wedding form, and a £400 retainer fee invoice. There is no extra cost to secure your date with me, and this retainer fee will be deducted from your final invoice which I will send you 4 weeks before the weddings date.