Laughter is my favorite thing.

My name is Alline Beatrici – Alline is a bit of weird name, it sounds like “panini”, which some friends actually call me by! I was born in Brazil and I'm totally British at heart. At the moment, I live in my favorite place in the UK, Brighton and spend my weekends shooting weddings in London. My biggest passion is to to capture people's real personalities through photography. Spontaneity, fun and laughter are at the heart of everything I do, and I take these with me I'm shooting weddings. 

I'm an enthusiastic girl with a YOLO / FOMO approach about life - my boyfriend says I'm a constant 10 second-ticking-time-bomb, with only 3 seconds left.

I'm all mixed up, emotionally Italian, British at heart and Brazilian by soul. 

I eat popcorn like a monster. (it is pretty scary!)

I'm addicted to creating playlists on spotify. I literally have categorised lists of songs for every-occasion-mood in life.

I get really(over)excited about the Oscars every year. I call it the "Alline's Superbowl" and host movie marathons.

I’m a bit obsessed with Frida Kahlo, and even dressed up as her at carnival in Brazil this year!

I like anything that has pockets and made of velvet, and my favorite colour is yellow. I cant own something that it's all 3 of those things 'cause that would be ridiculous.

I once camped at the Great Wall of China. It was the most exciting-freezing-cold experience in my life. 

I still play the nokia Snake game. A lot. It is actually the only game I have on my phone. don't judge.

I love and am inspired by all things Wes Anderson, Quentin Tarantino and Judd Apatow.

I'm incapable of surviving british winters so I go backpacking every year after wedding season. Last time I was in Cuba, Colombia and Chile!


I do this thing because it's fun. It reminds me of why marriage is the greatest adventure of all and how important it is to capture the feeling of being in love and being happy for the people you love. There’s no better occasion to see this happening than at weddings. People are hugging everywhere because they haven’t seen each other in months. 

Dad jokes during speeches. Kids running around because they had waaay too much sugar. People can’t barely hear each other in the crowd because theres too much joy, too much love, too much laughter. And laughter is my favorite thing. Documenting real feelings and genuine emotions is the heart and soul of my work. 

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