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Don’t forget to check your SPAM box
my emails usually like to live there!


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jenga at wedding at One Friendly Place photos



How do we pronounce your weird name?

We look terrible in photos... HELP?

the Alline is rhymes with “panini” which has become one of my nicknames amongst couples + friends now. It's not too hard, yet I still get 'alien' a lot.

99% of my couples are weirdos so I just massively photoshop their faces so they look 'ok' in photos.


no, but i do get this from 99% of my couples + they are the same ones you see in my portfolio. we're all strangely terrified of cameras because it reveals everything we like + hate about ourselves, so we overthink how we're going to look when someone is shooting us, and we freeze! so, my promise is to create a space for you guys to be yourselves and capture you just as you are together. I'm pretty good a putting people at ease in front of the camera so that happens naturally.

Can you travel to our wedding?

i live in Brighton, minutes away from one of the largest airports in the country, so I can easily shoot weddings all over the world. my job makes even more sense if you take me abroad really, so you can share evidence of your day with all of those who couldn't make the journey.

check out my latest destination weddings and elopements here!

Should we add a 2nd shooter?

When will we receive our photos?

if you’re having over 120 guests, I really advise you to.
it gives me a better chance to be able to capture a larger number of guests + different faces on the day. The 2nd shooter also would be covering everything else happening during certain parts of the day when I'm busy shooting portraits/groupshots/details etc. It would be someone with the same level of experience as me.

it normally takes me 4 to 6 weeks after the wedding to edit and deliver the full gallery + USB.

Can we share our photos on social media?

What if you are ill on the day?

yas queen! + I’d love if you could tag me so that your friends could find my work... who knows, maybe we get to hang again + destroy the dance floor together at their wedding!

I've never missed a wedding to this date.
no photographer can ever guarantee this but it would have to be the most serious illness or awful circumstances to happen for me to not show up on your day. rest assured if it ever happens, I’m part of a strong network of trustworthy photographers all over the UK who I could contact to replace me in case of an emergency, or I would, of course, offer you a full refund.

Which character of f.r.i.e.n.d.s are you?

Think of it as if Phoebe + Monica had a baby.... I 'pull a monica' when I'm little over-caring and I'm into planning organised fun, but I'm also a bit of an open minded weirdo, who believes lovers are lobsters.

Do we need to feed you on the day?

How do we save our date with you?

you totally don’t have to, but I would super appreciate it if you do. i like food a lot + it’s a long day shooting weddings. a hot meal gives me more energy to shoot the rest of the day + stay longer, if you need.

get in touch + if you think we're a fit, I'll send you my booking form + a £500 retainer fee invoice to save your date and we're good to go!

Do you do group / family shots?


yes! and I'll help you plan for those too. i have a lot of experience making sure group shots go quickly and smooth, so we don't spend much time on them when you could be enjoying your day!


"what we didn’t expect was the level of passion, care and love we would also be overwhelmed with - which you poured into every single shot" - ★★★★★

"she captured so much that we missed and we're so grateful!"


"one of our favourite pics is your selfie with the party all happening in the background, brilliant! - ★★★★★

"she takes the most natural photos filled with love, joy, and raw emotion"


"she took the buckets of love we had to offer and matched it"


"she made us look like frickin' film stars" - ★★★★★

"she has this fantastic ability to catch you in the middle of a laugh or dance -in the moment." - ★★★★★

"what can I say that would express our happiness, we are besotted with the pictures and we love you too!" ★★★★★

"we think you're an amazing, sparkling human being and your presence at our wedding enhanced it" - ★★★★★