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Couples have different ways of expressing affection, sense of humour, levels of extrovertness or introvertness. I recognise this by working at their own pace. I choose to only document a small number of weddings a year just so that I can focus on creating images that truly reflects my couple's energy and personalities, in their own personal + unique way. My relaxed photography style is mix of documentary reportage with a creative cinematic twist.

a visual expression

of you.

drawing out your authentic selves in order to shoot what makes your relationship real + what makes you tick for each other; your quirks and in-jokes, the booty grabs, the quiet and the loud moments you share together when nobody's watching.

it may feel like we're friends hanging out and I'm third-wheeling, because all your photos will be a collaboration between you and me.

weddings are a rollercoaster of emotions where things can go from nervous anxiety to chaos, to pure joy within minutes. they are unpredictable + each moment matters. i capture them as the frames that tell the story of the day, like it would unfold in a film.

i'm invested in capturing a true reflection of your relationship, even with the pressures of looking "your best" on your wedding day. the real *you* is what I care about, not the unrealistic version they pressure you to be in most wedding magazines.

spontaneity and fun is at the heart of everything I do + these are my tools when creating space for people to be comfortable in front of the camera + for me to document the real stuff that happens at weddings.

Tree of Life - Emmanuel Lubezki

Lost in Translation - Sofia Coppola

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Enter the Void - Gaspar Noe

Inglorious Basterds - Tarantino

Roma - Alfonso Cuarón

Call me by your Name

Waves - Drew Daniels

Midsommar - Ari Aster

Parasite - Bong Joon-ho

Before Sunrise / Sunset / Midnight

Everything ever made by Wes Anderson...

bride at trinity buoy wharf

pre-wedding chat - we'll meet at least once before the day so we can chat about what matters most to you on your wedding.

we'll go through the itinerary of the day making sure we have enough time for photos so you don't have to worry about any of this on the day + so I'm always at the right place at the right time.

- engagement shoots - these sessions are a fun way to break the ice + get an insight into how I shoot before the wedding day. not to mention, you finally get some photos together as a couple which aren't taken with a selfie stick, which is a great bonus.

Have a look at some of my recent sessions here.

- coverage starts at whatever time you choose + I usually recommend 2h before the ceremony to get the final stages of prep covered too.

to me, every "big moment" such as ceremony, speeches, 1st dance, are just as important as the "little moments" in the middle, so I'm always tuned into taking photos that tell the full story the day.

- group shots - most of the day I keep to my documentary style but step in to do some family group shots. we'll plan this together before the wedding so you can actually enjoy being with your loved ones instead of spending a ton of time posing with them on your day..

- couple's portraits - what can sound a bit nerve wrecking is actually the only bit of quiet time you'll have with each other on their wedding day. I'll guide you into showing me all the things that reflect your happiness + relationship in that moment while I capture it all on camera, so you can go back to this memory for years to come.

- dance - I usually stay for an hour or more after the 1st dance if things don't run late because drunk dancing is the best. I'm partial to a good dance floor, so don't be alarmed if you find me there dancing with everyone while I take photos... it's a skill I'm pretty proud to have developed over the years.

documentary wedding photography london

- editing - normally it takes me 4-6 weeks to edit your wedding photos + i really invest my time in editing them individually. this involves correcting skin tones + giving life to the real colours on the day.

- delivery - you will receive a USB in the post + a private online gallery where you + your guests will be able to preview and order from a range of printed products directly from there. in your online gallery you'll be able to pick and choose which photos to hide and to share!

- wedding album - photos look so much better printed than they do in pixels + i work with one of the best printing labs in the UK designing fine art wedding books that are literally made to last a lifetime. you can add this with your package or order one after the wedding + even better, you'll be able to create your own one directly from your gallery.






9 hour coverage.

short wedding coverage.

9 hour coverage / photo + video

- 2 Shooters (one photograher + one videographer)

- 30 second teaser video + 6 min highlight video - like this one!

- Unlimited High Resolution images - expect a minimum of 500 or more from your day.

- Images individually edited and processed with my signature style

- Full license to print and share all photos from USB

- Private online gallery to share with family and friends from which you'll be able to hide or pick which photos to display.

- A printed planning guide full of tips to help you get the most out of your wedding photos.

- Coverage starts when you choose!

- Unlimited High Resolution images - expect a minimum of 500 or more from your day.

- Images individually edited and processed with my signature style

- Full license to print and share all photos from USB

- Private online gallery to share with family and friends from which you'll be able to hide or pick which photos to display.

- A printed planning guide full of tips to help you get the most out of your wedding photos

- Coverage starts when you choose!

- Images individually edited and processed with my signature style

- Full license to print and share all photos from USB

- Private online gallery to share with family and friends from which you'll be able to hide or pick which photos to display.

*ideal if you just want some documentation

of the ceremony + a few family and couple's portraits OR just need me there to document part of your day.

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documentary candid brighton wedding photographer
documentary candid brighton wedding photographer



2nd shooter

engagement shoot

I design fine art wedding albums with one of the best printing labs in the world. they are made to match in best colour accuracy, museum grade ink + hand bound in archival paper which makes them last a lifetime. (trust me, these are better than what you'll get at snappy snaps!)

what you get:
- 10x10'' - 30 pages bound and engraved in linen cover + professional layout

ASddint a 2nd shooter is the best way to expand your coverage for a fraction of the cost as you'll have two sets of eyes to document your day from every possble angle.

I highly recommend adding a 2nd shooter if there's over 120 guests so that we have a better chance to capturing everyone / if the wedding day is taking place in multiple locations / if groom prep is also required.

these sessions are meant to be a little snapshot of your life. some couples use the images to display on their wedding website + save the date cards even print some to decorate the wedding.

these are all about celebrating this major life-step, hanging out together in your favorite place taking photos. no posing, just creating fun stuff together whilst we get to know each other!

- cringe-free, finally nice photos of you two that aren't selfies!

- 1h session - 80+ photos


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How do we pronounce your weird name?

the Alline rhymes with “panini” which has now become one of my nicknames amongst couples + friends. It's not too hard, yet I still get called 'alien' a lot

We look terrible in photos... HELP?

Can you travel to our wedding?

99% of my couples are weirdos so I just massively photoshop their faces so they look ok in photos.


no, but i do get this from 99% of my couples + they are the same ones you see in my portfolio. we're all strangely terrified of cameras because it reveals everything we like + hate about ourselves, so we overthink how we're going to look when someone is shooting us, and we freeze! so, my promise is to create a space for you guys to be comfortable + be yourselves and I'll capture you just as you are together. I'm pretty good a putting people at ease in front of the camera so that happens naturally.

i live in Brighton, minutes away from one of the largest airports in the country, so I can easily shoot weddings all over the world.

my job makes even more sense when you take me abroad really, so you can share photographic evidence of your day with all of those who couldn't make the journey. check out the latest destination weddings and elopements I shot here!

Should we add a 2nd shooter?

if you’re having over 120 guests, I really advise it.
it gives us a better chance to capture a larger number of guests on the day. The 2nd shooter also would be covering everything else happening during certain parts of the day when I'm busy shooting portraits/groupshots/details etc. It would be someone with the same level of experience as me, so it works out as having two main photographers capturing the day.

When will we receive our photos?

it normally takes me 6-8 weeks after the wedding to edit and deliver the full gallery.

What if you are ill on the day?

Can we share our photos on social media?

I've never missed a wedding to this date.
no photographer can ever guarantee this but it would have to be the most serious illness or circumstances for me to not show up on your day. rest assured if it ever happens, I’m part of a strong network of trustworthy photographers all over the UK who I could contact to replace me in case of an emergency, or I would, of course, offer you a full refund.

yas queen! + I’d love if you tag me so that your friends could find my work to and who knows... maybe we get to hang again + destroy their dance floor again when I'm shooting their wedding day.

How do we save our date with you?

Do we need to feed you on the day?

get in touch + if you think we're a fit, I'll send you my booking form + a £600 retainer fee invoice to save your date and we're good to go!

you totally don’t have to, but I would super appreciate it if you do. i like food a lot + it’s a long day shooting weddings. a hot meal gives me more energy to shoot the rest of the day + stay longer, if you need.


Do you do group / family shots?

yes! and I'll help you plan for those too. i have a lot of experience in making sure the group shots go quickly and smooth, so we don't spend much time on them when you could be enjoying your day!