Airplane Hangar Wedding Photography

6th April 2020


this wedding. these two.

i’ve been trying to find ways to put into words, to describe how being there to document their wedding day has been one of the proudest experiences of my career so far.

Bernardo + Vidal are from America, but being so obsessed with British culture and period dramas, they come to holiday in the UK whenever they get a chance.

during one of their trips over here a few years ago, they contacted me saying they just got engaged + they wanted to do an engagement shoot in London with me.

our time together shooting around London went so fast, the three of us got on like a house on fire immediately + I was genuinely upset to say good bye to two new friends who would be heading back to their home in America the next day.

— their engagement shoot is still one of my favourites to this day  + you can check a few of them here.

fast forward to a few months later, when I get an email from Bernardo saying they officially had a date to get married + asking me to come over to Seattle to shoot their wedding.

I remember re-reading that email 15x + screaming as if I had just been selected to be in X Factor.

they picked an airplane hangar wedding venue. Hangar 30 has been renovated since housing aircrafts on World War II + it’s now a historic building that holds such a phenomenal + huge space to get married in the middle of Seattle’s Magnuson Park.

their wedding was one of the hardest, most fun and beautiful ones I’ve ever shot.
turns out American weddings are incredibly different than British weddings + their wedding had almost 4x the amount of guests on the weddings I normally shoot in the UK. adjusting my style to fit into this new dynamic was challenging but so rewarding!

they changed from their elegant white tuxes into beautiful gold traditional Khmer clothing half-way through the day to merge elements from one of the groom’s American + Cambodian cultures and the energy fo the room exploded when people saw them.

later into the night, they ordered hundreds of Big Macs for their evening guests who almost died of happiness. *If you’re thinking of serving McDonalds at your wedding, think no more, just DO IT. it will be a huge hit! 😉

i could tell from my short time with these guys that they are literally everyone’s favourite friend.

capturing how much they are loved and were celebrated was a huge honour + made this into one of the best experiences of my life and career.

i also got to share this amazing experience side by side with my partner Chris, as these guys were kind enough to fly him to America too so I could have a 2nd shooter!

thank you again for having us B+V, we had the time of our lives! ♥




If you’re looking for airplane hangar wedding venues in the UK to get married, count me in! I would love to shoot a wedding in a place like this again. It’s a huge canvas to fill with everything and everyone you love – kind of venue.
Americans get super creative as they have so many alternative and quirky venues to get married in the U.S, why not do the same over here in the UK!

The closest thing to an airplane hangar  wedding venue we have in London   Trinity Buoy Wharf!
I shoot many weddings there each year and the place really reminds me of this same hangar.
It’s equally spacious and awesome. Get int touch here!