Coventry Wedding Photography – Aly & Matt

19th July 2015


Aly & Matt – June 2015 from Alline Beatrici on Vimeo.



“the photos are amazing…you went way above and beyond for us!! Matt and I and all four parents are in love with the photos and they all mentioned how great you were on the day as well…you didn’t just capture everything perfectly but you somehow ninja’d your way through the day and blended in without anyone realizing you weren’t a guest. “



Aly is an American, Matt is from England, they met in Peru, and got married in Thailand (for the first time) a few months ago – I know! Its a lot to take in!

This time, they wanted to get married in front of their family and friends.  A “non traditional wedding”, as Aly and Matt wanted, who chose to see each other before the ceremony for a ‘first look’, and not wear a veil,  because… who needs these traditions! 

In Aly’s words, all that mattered to them on that day, was that it was the day of which they would have both of their worlds colliding. It would be the first time most of their their friends and families would meet each other.

They had folks coming from Washington, Colorado, Idaho, Vietnam, and even South Sudan just to see these two get married, and that is just how special and truly genuine wonderful people Aly and Matt are.

The small amount of time I got to spend with them, made me understand why you leave your country, family and most of your friends behind, to be with someone you love.

These two are lovers, “travel hobos”, and best friends. If you’re lucky enough to find someone like this in your journey,  you don’t think for a second but grab the chance to make that person be yours for the rest of your life.

coventry wedding photographer


Well, these are some most romantic and lovely pictures I have ever seen over web. These are full of love, innocence, compatibility and more. I loved the couple very much. Wish you a great time ahead.