I always struggle a bit with putting together my “best of” each year.

Picking around 100 photos that will summarise an entire year shooting weddings is super hard for us as photographers as we get so attached to pictures.

I’m calling it a 2018 REWIND as these aren’t necessarily my best photos, these are the photos that instantly took me back to that certain time – which is what I love the most about photography.

The pictures I selected are those that reminded me of why a couple was laughing so hard, what sentence made nan cry during speeches + other beautifully unpredictable things that happened in moments when the energy in the room felt like it was about to burst.

Some highlights for me in 2018 included shooting a bunch of awesome weddings in Brighton for the first time, staying at couple’s family in their home in Italy for their wedding + flying out to shoot a wedding in Las Vegas with Chris!

What changed for me this year?

Finding my ‘ideal couples’ was a huge thing for me this year. Some time ago I made the decision of never shooting more than 20 weddings a year, and it still feels like the best decision I’ve ever made.
I can connect better with the people I work with + find we have more in common than we could imagine.

I generally find that the couples I work with now can see me more than just a “camera” on their wedding day, so I’m never treated just as a vendor – that alone gives me way more freedom to think more creatively when I’m shooting.

There is so much emotional investment in each other behind each of these images + I give 110% of my self physically and mentally throughout wedding season because I genuinely really, really care.

I’m far from being the photographer who wins tons of awards, or has thousands of followers on social media but I *see* my couples, and creating a set of images that is unique to them + truly representing who they are is the closest thing to my heart when it comes to doing this job.

So, after 10 flights across the world, 46 uber rides, 20 slices of cake consumed +  thousands of hours re-watching f.r.i.e.n.d.s episodes on loop whilst editing, here we are:

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